VICCI is a programmable cloud-computing research testbed, encompassing both a distributed set of virtualized compute clusters and networking hardware, and the software that enables multiple researchers to innovate both at and above the infrastructure layer. VICCI is designed to support research both into the design, provisioning, and management of a global, multi-datacenter infrastructure---the cloud---as well as the design and deployment of large-scale distributed services that use such an environment.

What is it?

At the hardware level, VICCI consists of seven geographically dispersed compute clusters. VICCI clusters are currently being deployed at 4 U.S. universities and 3 international sites:

  • Princeton University (status)
  • Stanford University (status)
  • Georgia Tech (status)
  • University of Washington (status)
  • ETH Zurich
  • Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (status)
  • University of Tokyo

Each VICCI cluster provides 840 CPU cores, 3.4TB RAM, 210TB storage, and programmable OpenFlow switches. The per-cluster specifications are:

  • 70 Dell R410 PowerEdge servers, each with 2 Intel Xeon X5650 CPUs (12 cores per server), 48GB RAM, 3x1TB Hard Drives, and 2x1GE network ports
  • 4 Quanta Pronto 3290 switches, each with 48x1GE ports and 4x10GE uplinks

At the software level, VICCI consists of two primary components: (1) lightweight virtualization software that runs on each server, giving each researcher an isolated virtual machine (VM) in which to run an experimental service; and (2) remote management software that sets up, provisions, and controls distributed VMs on behalf of research projects. VICCI's software stack is based on the PlanetLab software distribution, along with software components from OpenStack.

Who can use it?

Use of VICCI is currently open to all PlanetLab users. Note that it is not necessary to register for a VICCI account. You will use your PlanetLab account credentials to access VICCI.

Researchers not currently affiliated with PlanetLab may also access VICCI, but must first register for a VICCI-only account. Click the "create account" link in the navigation bar for more information.


On the goals and design of VICCI:

Research supported by VICCI:

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VICCI is supported by the National Science Foundation (under grant 1040123). Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.