Vicci MPI Tutorial

This tutorial will demonstrate running an MPI experiment on Vicci.


  • Your slice should not have any existing slivers. We're going to be setting the image and the network configuration for the slivers, so we need a clean slate to work with. If you have any slivers, please delete them now or create a fresh slice with no slivers.

Configuring The Slice

Log into Vicci and go to the Manage Slice Slivers Page

  1. Click the Configure Network tab and select Private Bridge with GRE Tunnels. Press Submit.
  2. Click the Select Image tab and select MPI. Press Submit.
  3. Click the Add Slivers tab. Select Princeton for the site and 3 for the number of nodes to add. Press Submit
  4. Click the Show Slivers tab. This will list the hosts where your slivers are located. In particular, make note of the designated "head node". The head node is where we will be launching our hadoop experiment.

At this point, Vicci will start initializing your slivers. It may take up to 15 minutes for the slivers to be created.

Logging into the head node and starting MPI

Being by using an SSH client to log into the head node (if you've forgot which node is the head node, use the Manage Slice Slivers tab). Once you've logged in, execute the following commands:

# set user to your slice name, and change to slice home directory
cd /home/

# download the sample MPI experiment and compile it
mpicc hello.c -o hello

# copy experiment to worker nodes, and initialize them hello

# run the experiment
mpirun -np 2 -machinefile hostfile hello